Naíonra Montessori Béal Átha Na Muice

We have a Naíonra/pre-school within the school building, the Naíonra is run through the medium of Irish.  This is run by Agnes O’Donnell and Michelle Pidgeon.

What is Montessori?


The first six years of a child’s life, are vital years for development and the foundation for all future development.

* Montessori is a way of teaching children through play, to assist them in their development.

* Montessori aims to assist in the total development of the whole child, socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and cultural.

* Montessori materials will be displayed in the classroom.

* Each piece of equipment has its own purpose for teaching the child, practical, life, language, maths, cultural and encourage the child to learn freely and independently.

Service Provided


The Pre-school will cater for all children in the community, of all nationalities from age 2 years 8 months—5 years.  Our service also has a school aged service for the purpose of providing an afterschool facility for children aged 4 years to 10 years. 

The adult– child ratio is 1:11 and all staff undergo Garda vetting procedures.

What is Naíonra?


The aim of the Naíonra is to provide quality early education to children in a stimulating, healthy, supportive, pleasant and friendly environment. 

Naíonra is an Irish medium childcare service which provides care for children, where child’s individuality is respected. The child will be engaged in an age appropriate, child centered activities, which emphasis the importance of play in achieving his/her overall social, cognitive and physical development.

Ta ag paisti oga bheith ag suil le-gra, sabhailteacht sugradh, eispeiris nua, aithentas, moladh, fein-mhuinin agus go leor sport agus spraoi o sheirbhis curam leanai.

No pressure is put on any child to speak Irish. The idea is that the child will acquire this language in the same way in which he/she acquired the first language-listening, understanding,isolating words and structures and eventually words phrases and sentences.

The Naíonra is recognized by Forbairt Naionrai Teo which supports the promotion of quality education and care services in Irish for children from birth.

Naíonra / Montessori Beal Atha Na Muice is a private run pre-school based in Swinford National School, which has its own separate entrance.

Children can avail of the Free School Scheme. The free pre-school year is available to children who are 3 years 3months – 5 years 6 months. We also accommodate fee paying children.

Our Mission

The mission of the Naíonra Montessori is to provide quality childcare through Irish in the age group 2 years 8 months - 5 years along with a support service for parents.

Opening Hours

There are 2 sessions per day, 5 days a week.

Morning: 8.45 am to 11.45 am.

Afternoon: 12.15 pm to 3.15 pm.

Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures folders, of the service is available to all parents. Please take time to read them and complete and sign the agreement form.

Collection of Children

In the interest of safety children must only be

collected by names on registration form. Any change must be notified by parent or guardian by a phone call to teacher.

Change of Clothes

A change of clothes should be provided for each child in the event of a mishap.

Healthy Eating

A strict policy is in place regarding lunches, as we

cater for young children they can only eat small amounts, large lunches usually end up in the bin. A lunch should consist of small snack, fruit, veg etc.

Yogurts in small pots or frubes and a drink of water/juice/diluted miwadi/milk in a non spill bottle or beaker.

Say Hello To Michelle & Agnes

Michelle Pidgeon and Agnes O’Donnell have combined their experience and resources to form this pre-school.

Michelle Pidgeon



FETAC level 5 for Pre-school and primary school.

Level 5 Special Needs.

Diploma in Montessori teaching

Fetac Level 6 in Childcare.

Paediatrics First Aid.

For more information and enrollment forms contact:

Michelle Pidgeon 087 7649157

Agnes O’Donnell



Diploma igCleachtais Reamhscoilaiocht.

Diploma in Pre-school practice.

NVQ leibheal 3 i gCurann luath Oige & Oideachas.

Dianchursa do stiurthuiri Naionrai.

CSBO leibheal 2 ii Sochtheageolaioght & usaid Gaeilge le Paisti Oga.

FETAC level 2 in Multi-linguistics & the use of Irish with young children.

Childminding Course.

Teastas Garchabhrach Peidiatric.

Paediatric First Aid

For more information and enrollment forms contact:

Agnes O’Donnell 087 9747925

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